Klokers Accessories (Review)

Today we are going look at some new accessories that Klokers sent me. About 2,5 years ago I reviewed their first watch named KLOK-01 which still to this day is one of my favourite watches and everyone who I meed always has something to say about it when it is on my wrist. It really is a stunner. Since then Klokers has grown a lot, they have made a huge following, they are getting featured on many watch sites and magazines + this year they are releasing their third watch, the KLOK-08 which is a smaller version of the KLOK-01, but with two discs and design inspired by the 1960s. They got funded on Kickstarter by more than 2000 backers and made 460 000 euros. I’m hoping to get my hands on one when it gets released so stay tuned 🙂 I also saw that they had a blue dial version of the KLOK-01 shown in Baselworld 2018 so that is coming probably soon on their website as well.

Klokers sent me one of their textile strap and a desk/pocket watch pouch. As this watch is modular and it has that special quick release system (Klokers key), you just need to push that red button at 8 o’clock and the whole watch head slides off the strap, and you can easily put it on different strap or accessory. You can read about this more on my KLOK-01 review. While the system is pretty interesting and innovative, it has some drawbacks, as it can get loose after some time. I actually have been actively using my KLOK-01 and the system is a bit loose, the watch is pretty secure and won’t fall out, but it wobbles inside the slide system. But from what I heard from other KLOK-01, this isn’t an issue in the newer watches that you can buy right now on their website, mine is actually the Kickstarter edition watch so that’s why it is a bit loose.

So let’s look at what they sent me. Let’s start with the textile strap KLINK-03. It is basically a nato strap as it has the classic nato strap hardware, it is just missing the second loop. They sent me the olive colour one, but there is also a grey and black colour to choose from. I wish they made it more colours like yellow, red, light blue and other fun colours. The nylon is pretty good quality, the texture isn’t like on the higher end seatbelt-style straps, but more on the rough side and I like it this way more. I just think that this rougher material lasts longer. Stitching is also done very well. The buckle and loops are made of stainless steel and are polished. In the centre is the slide in hook attached to the strap. The hook can be removed (2 screws on the back) to place it on your strap choice, but it would involve some work to fit it on a different strap. The strap is a bit short for my hand, so I loop the end inside the first metal loop, would love to see different lengths offered in the future. The only thing that bothers me is the price, it costs a whopping 89€ which I think is too much for just a textile strap, yes it comes with the hook and it is customized, but I just think it doesn’t need to cost that much, 50€ max.

Overall the strap due to that slide in mechanism wears very comfortably, actually one of the most comfortable nato style straps I have been testing. But yeah, would like to see more colours, length options and a bit lowered price.

Price: 89€ @ klokers.com

  • Straight textile strap
  • Colours: black, mouse grey, lichen green
  • Material: nylon textile
  • Dimensions: 230 mm (excluding the buckle) x 20 mm
  • Fixing function through the Klokers key
  • Compatibility: with both KLOK-01 & KLOK-02

The second accessory that Klokers sent me is the Desk and Pocket pouch. For this one, I was really excited as you can use the KLOK-01 as a pocket watch and also as a cool desk watch. The pouch is made from a high-quality PU leather, that means that it isn’t genuine leather, from what I understood is that they wanted a smooth surface with no leather grains, but I would love to see how it looked with genuine leather, especially in a tan brown or distressed dark brown colour, it would work so well. But I guess this way it is more eco-friendly, actually have seen many companies do this with straps, but me personally just like the real leather better, it just ages so much better and can withstand so much more hard use over years. On the top side we have a Klokers logo and on the upper side a metal pin, just take off the top part an here opens the pouch. Inside you will find the hook for the slide in mechanism. Fold it ou one more time and you get a desk watch. Pretty cool and simple design, I quite like it. The pouch is pretty hard and seems that if it falls on the ground it will easily protect your watch and withstand bangs. On the desk, it stands pretty sturdy and doesn’t fall over. So the functionality is good. It would be good if they could include some leather strap or metal bracelet to attach the pouch to the pants, just like the old days with pocket watches.

Overall I really like this pouch, I tested it for a month and carried with me. It has also fallen on the ground couple of times and the watch survived without any problems. As I said I would like if they could add some strap or bracelet option, also would be nice if there could be a bit more colours as black is the only option right now. Like for example brown and navy blue would be cool and would match the designs they have right now perfectly. But still, I think the pouch at 99€ is priced quite fair as it looks good and does what it was meant to do.

Price: 99€ @ klokers.com

  • Dimensions: 90 x 55 x 20 mm folded, 245 x 55 mm opened
  • Colour: matte black
  • Compatible with KLOK-01 and KLOK-02
  • The case made from high-quality PU (smooth grain evoking the full grain of genuine leather)
  • Metallic parts made from stainless steel



One thought on “Klokers Accessories (Review)

  1. It is to be hoped the textile strap wears better that the leather ones. Due to their sharp edges they leave noticeable marks after a while and they make wearing a klokers watch to a very unpleasant experience. As a result, my klokers watch lies unused at the bottom of a drawer.


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