Sternglas new collection launch event in Hamburg

When I started to write watch review, I never expected that I will be doing something like this. As you know one of my favourite brands has been Sternglas. A German company that makes really good quality Bauhaus design watches for very affordable prices. Also, you probably know that they had some legal issues and they were selling out their old collection and coming up with tons of new models. So I was contacted by their marketing team and they invited me to Hamburg (Germany) for their new collection launch event. And they paid for the tickets and everything, so I have to say a very big Thank You to Sternglas! This was truly an interesting experience for me as this is also my first watch related event that I have been to!

So the event was happening on 5th October in Hamburg, this was actually my first time visiting Hamburg, before that I have been in other cities like Berlin, Rostock and Warnemunde. I went there with my girlfriend. The first thing I have to say that I imagined Hamburg to be a bit smaller, we walked with my girlfriend from the flat where we were staying to the city centre (Hafen City) and after walking all day we were exhausted. After that, we went to the event as the evening came, we arrived a bit late, but just for the presentation. So Sternglas launched 4 new watch models and damn they look good!

The first watch was the Junis 34. It is a woman’s watch n 34mm size which is pretty good for a small wrist. The case comes in two different colours (gold and silver), and two dial colours (black and white). The watch features a Swiss made Ronda quartz movement with an amazing 10 years battery life! The price is 179 euros which is very reasonable.

The second watch that Sternglas presented was the Junis 38. It is the same woman’s watch but in a unisex size 38mm. So both men and women can wear it. I also think this is a very good move from Sternglas as you can but the 34mm version for your wife, girlfriend and the 38mm for yourself in the same case and dial colours and use them as couples watches. The Junis 38 features the same Ronda movement with that crazy 10-year battery life. The price for this one is 189 euros!

The third watch is called Zirkel. This one features the Automatic Miyota movement with the custom rotor. I talked with Dustin (founder of Sternglas) and he said that they take the movements, take off the rotors, sand off the original Miyota printing and then engraving it by themselves. It is also a bit bigger, at 40mm, but still very wearable and good size. I like that companies make smaller watches, looks like the smaller sizes are coming back in the style! Zirkel comes only in silver colour case and with a black or white dial. Price is 349 euros!

The fourth and the most interesting one that they presented was the Topograph, one of the best looking ones so far in my opinion. This one features the same Miyota movement with a custom rotor that Zirkel does. It is also the biggest one Sternglas has released yet, 42mm. But still, it wears very nicely on the wrist. I also like the dial, it reminds me of old round slide ruler combined with that Bauhaus simple design. The dial has a lot of going on it, but not too much. Topograph is available only in silver case colour with a black or white dial. Price is 379 euros!

They also have a ton of new strap options for each model. Sternglas are probably making the best straps for their watches right now. They are very well made and very supple + the leather smell is really nice.

Also in the event, there were some drinks and food. I actually tried Fritz Cola for the first time, we have it in Latvia too, but I never tried it before. That was very tasty. After the event, we had two days free for me and my girlfriend to explore Hamburg. We went to the town the next day for some shopping and to see some architecture. There were a lot of luxury watch shops, so obviously went there. Saw my dream watch, the A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk, but the price is so big that I couldn’t pay that much for a watch even if I had millions in my bank account, haha. One funny moment was when I photographed some old Porsches and everyone was looking at me like I was some kind of idiot, haha. But for me, it was very interesting to see some old Porsches as we don’t have them n Latvia that much, but in Hamburg, each 10minutes one vintage Porsche passes you, not even talking about the new ones which they had a ton there.

So every watch that was presented in the event will come for a review in the next month so stay tuned. I will have more detailed pictures and description of each watch! I also have to thank Sternglas again for giving me this opportunity to see the new collection in person and also experience the Hamburg! Also big thank you to Dustin (founder of Sternglas) and Sarah from marketing team for being so kind and organizing this cool event! Hope to see you next time in Hamburg or maybe in Riga, haha.

You can also use my discount code for Zirkel and Topograph (automatic models) ALBERT25, which gives you 25€ off.
Discount code for Junis (quartz movement) is ALBERT10 and it gives 10€ off.

You can buy all the watches now on their website!


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