Sternglas JUNIS 38 and JUNIS 34 (Review)

Today we finally look at the last two pieces from Sternglas new collection. As my readers already know I went to Hamburg this year in October to be one of the first ones to see their new collection. You can read my article on that here. The ones that we are taking a look at today are the Junis 38 which is a 38mm sized quartz watch for men/unisex and first watch for women from Sternglas called Junis 34 which is 34mm sized quartz watch for women. I long thought should I write two separate reviews for them or one where I review both, and finally I decided that I will do them both in one article as the design is pretty similar, the only things that are different is the size.

They both arrived in the same rectangular nice looking boxes, just like the last ones: Zirkel and Topograph. With the watch, you get instructions manual and warranty card. The first impressions were that they both looked really good! I usually don’t like minimal watches, but these are pretty striking and when you see them n life, you want to buy them all, they just look so good! The Junis 38 and Junis 34 both come in two case colour variations: gold and stainless steel. They also have a lot of strap options for both of them. I chose them both in a gold colour as my girlfriend wanted similar so we can both wear them together.

Both versions of Junis are made of 316 stainless steel. The machine work is exceptional and every line is very sharp. The whole watch seems very well made. The shape of the case is round with small straight lugs. The Junis 38 diameter is 38mm, the thickness is 9mm and from lug to lug it measure at 44mm. The Junis 34 diameter is 34mm, the thickness is 8,8mm and from lug to lug it measure at 40mm. The proportions for both watches are very good, I like when watches are a bit smaller and these ones are just perfect. I gave the 34mm version to my girlfriend and she liked it a lot and told me that it is super comfortable (trust me, she wears a lot of watches I review and she rarely says that). Both cases have gold plating which is applied really good and doesn’t seem that it will come off so easily. The finishing on both watches is satin brushed except the crown which is polished. The finishing is also done to high standards. Sternglas really has great quality control and even if the watch has some problems (I still haven’t heard any) their customer service would deal with it very fast. At 3 o’clock we have a small push-pull crown which is maybe a bit too small on the 38mm version as it is hard, at least for me to pull it out so I can change time. The solid case back on both is in stainless steel colour. They didn’t coat them because if you wear a watch, that is the first place where the gold coating would wear off. The case back is held on with small 6 screws which is kind of a tradition for German watches as I have seen many German brands doing this instead of classic screw in case backs. On top of both watches, we have a domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides which is pretty legible and makes this watch perfect for photography geeks. The water resistance for both watches is 5ATM (50m) which is reasonable for watches like these. I wouldn’t recommend swimming with it, but it can withstand rain or handwash easily.

The dial on both is matte white. The dial is very simple with a printed minute track going on the outside and in the inside, there are printed hour markers. At 12 o’clock there is Sternglas logo with a Zeitmesser in smaller font under the logo which means chronometer. At 6 o’clock we have some specifications written in small font in German that actually doesn’t look bad. The hour and minute hands are simple stick shaped with the same gold plating to match the case. I like that Sternglas chose not to add date window and to exclude the second’s hand, it just makes the watch more perfect as you don’t see that ticking hand the date window doesn’t mess up the symmetry of the dial.

The movement inside is a Swiss made Ronda 762 quartz. It seems not that special right? On the first glance, yes, but the movement has whopping 10-year battery life. You heard that right! I rarely see quartz watches with battery life this long. Sternglas went all out with the new collection. The precision for this movement also will always be more accurate than any automatic or hand-wound ones.

The straps that came with these watches, as usual, are super good! As I said in the past, Sternglas has probably the best straps from any microbrand that come with the watch from the store. For the 38mm version, I chose the Premium brown and for the 34mm version the White strap which in life actually looks more like light grey. Both straps are made of high-quality leather and are super soft and have that nice leather scent. The underside is super soft and signed with Sternglas logo. The straps are super comfortable and on the wrist feel really good. When wearing you even forget that you have a watch on the wrist. The Junis 38 has 20mm lug width and the Junis 34 has 16mm lug width. If you don’t like these colours there are plenty of strap options to choose from for all the tastes. Of course, all Sternglas straps come with built-in quick release spring bars which as you all know is one of my favourite things, as it makes strap change 10x faster than usual. The tang-style buckle is also coated in that gold colour to match the case and is signed with deeply engraved Sternglas logo.

Overall both watches are super great and the price is super cheap in my opinion. Me and my girlfriend like these ones a lot. The price for Junis 38 is 189€ and the price for Junis 34 is 179€ which is a steal. For this price you get a good-looking, well-built timepiece with sapphire glass, Swiss made quartz movement with 10-year battery life and a really high-quality strap. Should you get one? Hell yeah! I recommend it! Especially if you consider Daniel Wellington or one of those watches, better buy this one, it will be something different, unique and from a great brand with no fake bull**** marketing or something!

Price: 189€ (Junis 38) 179€ (Junis 34) @


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