Spring Made Micro adjustable nylon strap (Review)

When it comes to nylon straps we are used to seeing the usual nato style hardware, only recently we have those parachute straps that Erika Originals offers and others. But there is one stand out in my opinion that doesn’t get so many attention and those are the Spring Made nylon straps. They are micro adjustable nylon straps that look super clean and they are easy to fit any wrist as they don’t use those tang style buckles with holes in the straps.

It is a one-piece strap and you put it on the watch as you would do with the nato strap. The only difference is how you close the strap on your wrist. Rather than using the traditional holes, it uses the friction force with that Spring Made design buckle. Here is a video explaining how it works:

This is in my opinion genius. As I don’t wear Nato straps because of how the holes are placed. I never can get the watch to sit just how I want it on my wrist, it is either too tight or too loose. But with these straps, I can fit the watch on my wrist just perfect to a millimetre. Of course, this new design makes putting on the watch a bit longer process, at least for me, but I don’t care as these are probably the most comfortable nylon straps that I have worn. I’ve put them on my two watches as you can see in the pictures and never since I got them in for review, I’ve taken the straps off.

The nylon that Spring Made use is pretty rough to touch, but not to the point where it irritates your skin. They tested their strap to critical failure at just under 1000 pounds. The buckle and friction hold on the strap so it can maintain position with over 250 pounds of force, which more than the strap will ever face in its lifetime. You can really trust this strap and no matter what activity you throw at it, it will always keep your watch on your wrist.

When the two straps got sent to me 2 months ago, they had only 3 colours, but now the colour selection has grown a lot. There are: black, black and grey, light grey, navy blue, green and red. The straps are for now available in two sizes 20mm and 22mm. I hope that they add more colours and sizes like 18mm and 24mm to the lineup and I’m sold then! Also would be cool if you could choose from two lengths, for me the strap works just perfect, but for a bit bigger wrist you won’t be able to make that loop back in those hardware loops when the watch is closed. The price of 25$ isn’t too bad too.

Overall I really like these straps, the adjustability they give you is endless, especially for me who has a hard time getting perfect sizing on nato straps. This strap really converted me back to wearing nylon straps, but I will wear only these ones and I suggest you do that too. As I with my whole honesty I can say that these are one of the best or even the best nylon straps in the market right now when it comes to comfort. Yes, they don’t have that premium seatbelt feel, but they are super comfortable and the hardware is very well made!

Price: 25$ @ springmadeshop.com


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