Unyber UN-02 Chronograph (Review)

Today we are gonna look at Unyber watches, a small Madrid-based company. They chose the hard way to set up their brand. Many microbrand companies nowadays use Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms to launch their watches, but Unyber went the hard way. Right from the start, they decided their first project would be a chronograph. But they didn’t want just a classic looking chronograph, they went for a bullhead style. Bullhead style was very popular in the late 60s and 70s as that was the time of those racing inspired chronos and for timing, it was much easier when everything was on top. And Unyber went further than just paying them homage. Despite its small team and limited budget, every mold was made from scratch. Neither cases nor bezels, dials nor straps have been borrowed from generic manufacturers. They even have their own CNC milling machine and machining table. Their goal for the future is to produce every single element by themselves, thus manufacturing the very first 100% Spanish watch. And that, in my opinion, it is something special as nowadays you rarely see 100% manufactured watch from Germany, Switzerland or any of the big watch manufacturing countries. You can really see that they are doing this for passion and love of watches!

When I went to the post office I actually didn’t know what was coming as I have so many watches incoming each month that it is hard to track everything. So I got a very heavy package and thought that someone sent me a brick or something, but I was very surprised when I saw in what box was the watch. It is a gear like/watch crown CNC milled box that is around 1-2kg in weight. The box itself is worth its own review. Haven’t seen a box like this. Truly can say that this is the most interesting watch box I have seen. Inside of course lies the Unyber UN-02 chronograph watch in black colour and with a brown strap. I wouldn’t say that I liked the design at first, but when I spent more than a month with it I fell for it. There is something special about the design. The UN series have four variations available: The one we have here, silver case and white dial, black case with silver bezel elements and black dial, silver case and white dial with orange accents.

The case is made of 316L stainless steel. The machine work is super good, probably competes with big brands quality. Every line is super sharp and done with the highest attention to detail. The case is round with bullhead design. The case consists of 6 parts: main case, two bezel panels, two side parts and case back. On the case, you will find a mix of finishes like brushed, sandblasting and polished finishes. The finishing also is done very nicely, I don’t if it’s done with a machine or by hand, but it is really good! The diameter of the case is 44mm, from lug to lug it is 51,7mm, but with the crown, it is 52,5mm in length. The thickness is 15mm. Yes, the watch is pretty big, but due to how the pushers and crown are positioned it actually wears a bit smaller, yes you notice the thickness, but it isn’t something that bothers you in real life wear. At top, you will find two pump pushers for the chronograph function and a push/pull crown. The pushers feel pretty good. The crown is machined very interestingly, the only thing is that it is hard to pull it out to set time, at least for me. On both sides of the case, you will find two polished plates with Unyber logo on them which are purely decorative, but they look pretty good, gives more detail to the watch. The front bezel has two plates that are removable, sad that Unyber doesn’t ship out a screwdriver and plates in different colours as it would add more to the watch and the owner could make the watch their own. The solid case back is held on with six stain screws and engraved with Unyber watches logo, and some specifications. On top of the watch sits a flat sapphire crystal. The water resistance is 10ATM (10M) which is enough for swimming, but I wouldn’t try it as you can accidentally push the pusher underwater and the watch will be flooded with water. I would say it can withstand rain and handwash or maybe accidental drop in the water, but nothing more.

The dial is black with horizontal line texture. The dial is 2 level watch face made of 3 sub spheres for chrono functions and small seconds. The hour markers are empty (outlined) Arabic numbers. The subdials are in silver colour frames that look like screwed on, kind of look like something takes out of old planes cockpit panel. At 12 we have a silver colour, polished Unyber logo. The hour and minute hands are in leaf shape and skeletonized. The hands are in silver colour. The hands for subdials are in the same shape and colour. The stick-shaped second’s hand is in orange colour. The dial is interesting, but I would’ve added some lume on the dial as it would add legibility of the watch in the night. Also applied hour markers would be a huge plus in my opinion.

The movement that Unyber chose to use is the Miyota OS30, which is an odd choice, I would choose the Seiko VK64 which is meca-quartz and has a nicer mechanical feeling when pushing the pushers + the second’s hand for chronograph would be sweeping instead of the ticking one which is on the Miyota movement. The Miyota isn’t bad too, it is also Japan made and works fine, but I think gives the watch a bit of cheapness. The battery life is about 2-3 years (depends on how often you use the chronograph function and what battery you choose).

The strap on the watch is this brown leather strap. Unyber makes their own straps and on the strap, you see the writing “Made in Spain”. The quality is pretty good, I rarely say this but this is the rare watch where I left the original strap on, usually, I change the strap when I wear the watch, but this one is really well made and it also looks good. The leather is very supple and smooth to the touch, it almost feels a bit like fine suede. The stitching is also done very well, no loose threads or mistakes. The buckle is also in coated in black PVD just like the case. The lug width is 24mm and the strap tapers from 24mm to 22mm at the buckle. On the wrist, the watch feels very comfortable.

Overall I like the watch. I wish they would release their next model soon as I want to see how this company evolves. This is my first watch on this blog which comes from Spain and also is made in Spain. The craftsmanship is done by the highest standards and attention to the detail. For the price, you get a really solid package, from the CNC milled gear/crown shaped box to the watch itself it is only 325€ (when writing this review they have a sale going on and the watch costs even less 275€) which is crazy cheap. Yes, the design isn’t for everyone, but considering all the work and love behind the watch, it is worth to buy it!

Price: 325€ 275€ @ unyberwatches.com

  • Stainless steel case 316L with brushed, sandblasting and polished finishes that consist of six elements.
  • Bullhead type, width 44mm. (45 mm. with side wings), height 15mm. Crown to case at six width, 49 mm. Handles’ width 24mm. Side wings are engraved with UNYBER’s logo.
  • Stainless steel bezel 316 L of two elements screwed to the middle case.
  • Back case screwed with six stain screws 316L, engraved with Unyber Watches’ logo.
  • Crown and push buttons with stainless steel bow 316L.
  • Sapphire glass with 36mm. The diameter and 2mm width.
  • 2 level watch face made of 3 sub-spheres, empty numbers and name of the brand.
  • Clock hands, hour, minutes and seconds. Two clock hands and hour indicator disk.
  • Leather straps. Length 130mm and 75 mm.
  • Steel buckle 316 L of 22mm.
  • 10 ATM
  • Miyota movement stopwatch OS 30 with three modes: seconds and minutes.

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