Indulou Quattro watch stand (Review)

When it comes to displaying your watches with style, for us watch guys, it is hard to find some good looking display watch boxes, winders or watch stands. I always thought why no one has released some good looking watch stands that aren’t those cheap ones you can find on eBay made from plastic, but right before Christmas, I was just going through my Instagram feed and noticed that one guy had a beautiful stainless steel watch stand and immediately I wrote him where did he get it. And the company was Indulou which is a small Germany based company specialized in unique looking furniture, such as desks and tables in a remarkable industrial design, but recently they started to make watch stands from stainless steel. After talking with the company through Instagram they sent me one of their watch stands my way. I chose the biggest one for 4 watches.

Indulou watch stands come in three versions: Uno (stand for one watch), 9 x 9 x 9 cm, €25,99, the Duo (for two watches, to be mounted on the wall), €39,99 and the Quattro (impressive stand for 4 watches), 25 x 15 x 16,5, €69,99. They ship them out of Germany so for buyers outside consider the import taxes. Mine package despite Christmas season arrived pretty fast within 4-5 days. My Quattro watch stand was packaged very well with foam and everything and arrive safely. The first impressions were that it looks something that needs to cost a lot more, it is pretty heavy and feels luxurious and fits my interior pretty good as I like simple and functional designs! Also, it will be a good help in future watch reviews as I can take photos of the watch I review on the stand.

The stand is heavy and pretty sturdy. It is made of stainless steel with brushed finishing. On all the spots where you put the watch on you have a thick layer of high-quality leather (suede) which is super soft and won’t scratch your watch. On each spot, the watch sits very securely and you can also adjust the size so you guys won’t have a problem if you have bigger or smaller wrists. Also, there is a lot of place between them so big watches also won’t be a problem.

The build quality is very good, each line is very sharp and well finished just like a German product should be. The only thing maybe I would add is that on the underside I would put some soft rubber pads or something like that so it wouldn’t scratch polished furniture or wood furniture.

On Watchuseek forum, I read that one guy bought them and said that they are pretty expensive. But I don’t think so as they are made of stainless steel, the machine work is really good and the adjustable watch spots are a really good feature. And of course, it is very good looking watch stand! I was searching for something like this for years, but all that I found were some ugly plastic ones which aren’t that sturdy or as good looking as this one!

Overall I like it a lot! It is a very useful thing when I want to display my watches so it is easier to take a watch and put it on the wrist in the morning. And of course, the price, in my opinion, is cheap for such a well-made product, or should I say design object as when it sits with all those watches on my shelf, it looks like art!

Price: 69.99€ @




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