Vario Seat Belt Nato Straps (Review)

A while ago we looked at the watch from Vario called Eclipse which was a really cool watch by the way with a quartz movement, but with sweeping seconds hand (4 ticks per 1 second) and also at some two-piece nato straps. Now Vario has released Seat Belt nato straps and I have to say, they are amazing for the price! When I received the straps I was really impressed by how smooth they feel and I like that they kept it single layer without that second loop that goes under the watch. I like that because the watch sits a lot closer to the wrist and for me, it’s more comfortable to wear. I usually cut off the second layer that goes under the watch for every Nato strap I have.

The straps come in 10 different colour variations and each strap costs 14€ which in my opinion is a super great price and you will see in a moment why. Also, they have discounts if you buy more than 2 and up. The strap is made with the same type of nylon used in car seat belts. The nylon material tightly weaved, smooth and very comfortable to wear. The samples I received are 22mm wide as they didn’t have 20mm at that moment, but now they have 20, 22 and 24mm sizes. It measures 285mm long and has a thickness of 1.4mm.

Unlike the generic Nato straps that we see mostly on the market, this strap comes with a set of nice and heavy hardware which includes a nicely signed buckle and two loops. They are made of stainless steel and have a satin brushed finish. The strap is of reasonable quality as you expect The stainless steel hardware is stitched to the nylon and the tip of the strap. The ends and holes are heat sealed to prevent fraying.

As you can see from the pictures they wear pretty good. The length for my wrist or a bit bigger one isn’t perfect as I barely can get the end in the second loop, but it isn’t catastrophic.

Overall Vario seatbelt strap is made with the same quality as most seat belt straps in the market like Armilla straps, Haveston, Phenomenato or any other one. Being single layered, it helps to keep the watch closer to the wrist and it looks great. The premium hardware makes the strap look more impressive compared to the generic Nato straps and in my opinion, it performs much better. I have had many nato straps from Cheapest Nato Straps and Wrist Candy Watch Club which had that very thin generic looking hardware and it doesn’t perform that well, for me some of those buckles broke or got bent. Also why I love nato straps is that if they get dirty, you can wash them in the washing machine.

Price: 14€ @

available in 20/22/24mm
stainless steel buckles
silky smooth premium nylon
measuring approx 11.2″/285mm long and 1.4mm thick
machine-washable strap


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