VEJRHØJ The Gun (Review) + interview with founder

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My readers probably know that we looked at one of the Vejrhoj watches in the past called Nautic 58 North. The watch changed my mind when it comes to using wood in watches either in the case or dial. It just looked so cool and I’m a big fan of the Scandinavian design. Now Vejrhoj sent me one of their newer models from the Slim Wood watch collection called The Gun. The name sounds vicious and you would expect it would look like a rugged field watch, but this isn’t the case, it is a very simple design watch for everyday wear.

Vejrhoj is founded by the young entrepreneur, Janus Aarup, who set out to create a collection of wooden watches based on his passion for design, craftsmanship, and timepieces. The first small collection was created, while Janus still was working on his master’s thesis regarding the rise of Danish design.

In the summer of 2014, Vejrhoj teamed up with the grand old man of Danish design, Bo Bonfils, known for his classic Georg Jensen designs. Together they spent a year designing, building and testing a new line of Vejrhoj watches, where they combined wood and steel with a distinctive maritime touch. In late 2015 Vejrhoj launched the collection through Kickstarter where they were fortunate enough to raise over 100.000 USD in 30 days through the help of customers from more than 38 countries.”

Before we take a closer look at the watch, I had a chance to talk with the founder of the company Janus:

Introduce yourself

Founder of VEJRHØJ watches and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Fond of books, movies, sports, international news & politics, design, watches and making my own pizzas.

What started your watch passion? & 4. Why did you choose to add wood elements for the design of your watches?

My watch passion started quite late. I was in my mid 20s and writing my master’s thesis about Danish design, which focused on mid-century wooden furniture and the watch industry. This gave me the idea to start a watch brand that combined natural hardwood & Danish minimalism. I really like natural hardwood because it gives you a warm and comfortable feeling, which artificial materials don’t. In the beginning, VEJRHØJ was just a hobby project, where I wanted to see if I could make a wooden watch myself. But it quickly turned into a full-time occupation 🙂

What makes a good wristwatch to you?

I personally prefer watches with original minimalistic designs as compared to watches that are more decorative and bulky.

How many watches do you have in your personal collection? And maybe you could list them? 

My first watch was a Tissot which my parents gave me. I was very fond of it and I still got it 🙂 But I don’t have a large watch collection. However, if I didn’t run my own watch company, then I would most definitely be collecting watches. I can’t really be wearing another watch brand, when meeting our customers and business partners.

Who is your ideal customer?

We have a broad range of customers when it comes to age, gender and interests. But in general, our customers are individuals who appreciate simple, yet distinctive designs.

Tell about what you like to do outside of watches. Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I like to read – both historical fiction, science fiction, biographies etc. I also watch too many movies I think:)

I used to a do a lot of team sport when I was younger. However, as I have gotten older I primarily go running for exercise, which also is a good way for me to clear my mind and focus my thoughts.

Like most Scandinavians I prefer simple designs and natural materials. I think that a part of my affinity for natural materials is because I grew up on the country site at the foot of the Vejrhøj hills and forest, which is right next to the sea. This childhood area of mine is also where our brand name VEJRHØJ is borrowed from;)

How do you see your watch brand in the future?

For the nearest future we will continue to focus on creating watches from wood and steel. But looking ahead we might want to explore other product categories – if we believe that we can contribute with something unique, by using the same materials and design approach.

Are there any other new watches coming out this year? Maybe something with automatic movement?

In December 2018 we launched a brand new 34mm collection for women. And we have a few new designs in the pipeline for 2019. We are not currently in the process of developing an automatic collection. But it is something that we are considering.

What was the hardest part of creating a microbrand watch company?

Getting potential customers to become aware of your brand in an affordable and sophisticated way. As a young company we don’t have a big marketing budget and it is becoming more and more expensive to reach new customers through digital platforms.

Any suggestions to someone who wants to make their own microbrand watch?

Themicrobrand watch industry has become extremely competitive within these last 5 years. So, you should only do it if you have a strong concept that you really believe in.

Now let’s get back to taking a look at The Gun watch from Vejrhoj. In the whole Slim Wood watch collection, there are 6 variations of the watch. The Steel (silver case and dial details), The Rose (Rose gold case and dial details), The Silver (Silver case and dial details + lighter wood), The Gold (Gold case and dial details with half in gold colour), The Blue (Gold case and dial details with half the dial in gold colour with lighter wood and blue strap) and finally The Gun that we have in for the review has a gunmetal finish and walnut wood in black and dark brown colour.

Mine example arrived in a very nice looking wooden box which has a nice Vejrhoj logo engraved on the top. I like that companies make these cool looking wooden boxes for their watches an in my opinion the unboxing experience is very important for a watch guy and even for a standard consumer. Inside the box, you will find the watch and the instructions manual. First impressions were not so good as I unboxed the watch in a darker room, but when I took it in the light the wood showed it’s grain and I think Vejrhoj did it again with this watch and it just has a perfect wood and steel combination in my opinion. I immediately noticed that each part of the strap is held on with 2 small screws so strap change for this watch will be a bit of problematic.

The case is made of 316L stainless steel. The machine work is done pretty good with nice angles and sharp lines. The gunmetal plating is done also very good and from the looks, it is very thickly applied so it won’t come off that easy. Due to that glossy finishing, it is a very big fingerprint magnet, you can see each fingerprint more than on just polished stainless steel.  The case shape is round with hidden lugs under the watch. The case diameter is 40mm and the thickness is 7,6mm. The watch on the wrist actually wears more like a 38mm watch due to those hidden lugs. At 3 o’clock we have a small push-pull crown that is pretty easy to pull out to change time even if you have big fingers. The solid screw in case back is also in the same gunmetal coating, but with circular brushed finishing. On the caseback, you will find some specifications engraved. On the top of the watch sits a flat sapphire crystal, but sadly with no AR coating and it would be very useful as it reflects light like crazy and sometimes it’s hard to see the time. The water resistance is only 3ATM (30m) which is fine for this style of watch. Swimming isn’t recommended as it won’t withstand that, but it easily will take some rain, handwash etc.

The dial on this one is pretty interesting. Half wood and half steel. Around the dial, we have a walnut wood ring in dark brown colour. Then steel chapter ring in the same gunmetal finishing as the case with an engraved minute track. The middle of the dial has the top half made from the same walnut wood in black colour and the bottom half is made from steel also with the gunmetal finishing. On the bottom half, we have hour markers engraved from 4 to 8 and at 3 o’clock we have a white printed Vejrhoj logo. The hour and minute hands are rectangular and tapered to the end. They have nice polished finishing and are in silver colour. I really like how the dial is very simple when it comes to looks, but it has many layers and that wood and steel combination.

The movement inside is Japan made Miyota 2025 quartz. Nothing special when it comes to quartz movements, but it surely is a reliable one and beeing Japan-made movement, it will last for many many years. The battery life is around 2-3 years.

The strap that comes with the watch is a straight cut black leather strap. The leather is very smooth to touch and very nice looking. It is very supple right out of the box so it won’t need that 1-week wear in period. The underside is lined with white leather. On the underside, there is embossed Vejrhoj logo. The signed tang-style buckle is made of stainless steel and also has that glossy gunmetal finishing. The only problem with the strap as I said earlier is that it is held on with screws to the case so finding another strap will be very hard, the only thing you can do is buy straps from Vejrhoj themselves or order a custom strap from strap maker.

Overall the watch is pretty cool looking. I like the design and how they always put together wood and steel in a way that it doesn’t feel cheap. Many watch companies who make wood and steel watches usually get wrong the design, but this is probably one of the only companies who get the design just right! Yes, the watch has some small thing I don’t like, like the strap attachment system with screws, but it is made super well, it has a sapphire crystal, Japan made quartz movement which has proven it’s reliability for many years in another brand watches and of course that Scandinavian design! Would I recommend buying it? Well, this particular one isn’t maybe a watch for me, I would choose the stainless steel model with lighter wood called The Silver, but yeah, I can recommend them!

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Price: 209€ @

Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: 7,25 mm
Sapphire crystal glass, incredible
scratch resistant
All VEJRHØJ watches come in our
custom crafted wooden box
Split dial that combines vertical
brushed metal & dark stained walnut wood
Walnut wood & 316L gunmetal
stainless steel with a polished finish
Water resistance
3 ATM waterproofing 
Miyota 2025, quartz
Genuine black leather strap
2 year limited warranty


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