Spinnaker watch strap program

Today we are gonna take a look at Spinnaker straps which was a long-awaited thing as I think they are making some incredible quality straps. So Spinnaker sent me 5 new straps (together there are 33 colours variations for the straps which are crazy good for me who likes to change stripes almost every week) that you can get right now on their website and they have made choosing them very easy. Basically, you go to the strap page and it will let you choose your Spinnaker watch. I right now have Dumas so I chose it and there you can choose straps, of course, they all will fit any watch with the same lug width.

The straps all came in these nice Spinnaker cloth bags and signed with Spinnaker logo. Inside the package, you will also get an extra spring bars and spring bar tool (which isn’t the best as it is very small). The straps that I got sent are: Durevole Rubber / Leather Hybrid Strap – 22mmFKM Vulcanized Rubber NATO – 22mm, Marino Italian Made Leather Strap -22mm, Oahu Tropic Rubber Strap – 22mm, Seatbelt Nylon NATO Strap – 22mm. The straps have prices from 40$-85$  which is a good price for straps like these as the quality is very good!

The Durevole rubber and leather hybrid strap is basically what the name says. It is leather on top and rubber on the back, pretty similar to Hublot straps. The leather on top has this dark green colour and it is stitched to the rubber backside with green stitching which looks very well done! The loops are from black rubber. The backside is also made of black rubber and has these cutouts to make it bendier. The strap is very supple and super comfy on the wrist. I think for summer when you want to dress up your watch, this will be perfect with that rubber on the underside. The strap costs 70$, some of you may say it is a lot, but I can assure that all the strap you will see here are really well made and feel premium!

The FKM Vulcanized rubber nato strap really surprised me. The strap looks super well made and with really well-made hardware. It just has that premium feel and it is much heavier than a regular nato. The rubber feels very good and it has this nice texture on the strap on top and underside of the strap. On the wrist, it feels super comfy and for summer swimming or any other water activity, it will be perfect. The strap is also very long so it will fit any wrist size. This strap costs 80$ which is a lot for a nato strap, but it is worth it in my opinion as I think it will last a very long time!

What I wasn’t expecting from Spinnaker was the Marino Italian made leather strap. The strap is handmade in Italy which is crazy in my opinion. And it is a very well made strap. The leather is very soft and supple so it bends your wrist nicely right out of the box. The strap has built-in spring bars (actually the only one from new straps that have those) which is very handy when you need to change the straps. The tang style buckle on the strap is just a regular Spinnaker signed one made of stainless steel. This strap is the most expensive one from them all as it costs 85$, but it is totally worth it as the strap is handmade in Italy from top quality leather!

Next, we have probably my favourite one. The Oahu Tropic rubber strap! I was waiting for Spinnaker to release these ones for ages as it would go with almost all Spinnaker watches. But I put it on my Dumas as I think it suits the vintage design the watch has and it just goes together so well. The strap is very well made. The rubber is very supple and will wrap your wrist nicely and the watch will feel comfortable on your wrist. The strap has a nice texture on the top with perforated holes so your wrist can also breathe. The underside has this waffle texture. The strap costs 50$ which in my opinion is a steal because it is very well made from a top-grade rubber. Yes, you can get tropic straps for cheaper on cheapestnatostraps.com, but they won’t be so well made and I heard that they break after some time.

The last strap we have is a seatbelt nato strap which is nothing special. It is made from a premium seatbelt material, it has that silky smooth material. The strap is also very long so it can fit any wrist size. It has premium hardware signed with Spinnaker logo. The only thing that I don’t like could be the price as it is too high for this kind of strap, whooping 40$. You can get these premium seatbelt straps for much cheaper, I have a ton of reviews of them on my blog and they cost two times less than this and are the same quality and in more colour variations.

Overall I really like these straps. I have put them on all of my dive watches from Spinnaker and other brands and they look amazing! I have been wearing them for about a month and can’t say anything negative about them. So if you wan’t to change up how your watch looks, Spinnaker is the way to go with straps. My regular readers will probably know that I always praise the straps that come with Spinnaker watches and you will find that other reviewers on blog or Youtube will say the same! So go check them out, they have a lot of colours right now and new colours will be added in the future too!




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