Aiverc Jorn Utzon collection Opera (Review)

Today we are gonna look at a fashion watch. Yes, yes… I know, some of you don’t like them. When the company reached out to me, I was sceptical about the watches too, but you, my readers requested more fashion watch reviews, so here you have it!

So the company is called Aiverc. They launched their Kickstarted project this year a couple of months ago and got funded! Their watch collection is called Jorn Utzon which consists of 3 similar watches, but with different styles. The names of the watches are inspired by the world-renowned Sydney Opera House, Faena Art Centre and Royal Ontario Museum. The watch we have here today is called Opera so it is inspired by the famous Sydney Opera House and I can see some similarities in the dial.

What was interesting is that I received the watch before they launched the Kickstarter project and before I knew everything about the watch. When I received it, in the box there was the watch box, a smaller box and a punch hole for leather. At first, I thought that maybe I ordered something and don’t remember it, but then I got an answer when I opened the second smaller box and Aiverc sent me on how to use everything. But about that, we will talk later. When I took the watch out of the box I wasn’t that much surprised or impressed as it has a pretty simple case, nothing over the top crazy. But the dial seems pretty cool, I like those cutouts and sandwich style. Gives the dial more depth. The box itself is nothing special, just a cardboard box, inside you will find instructions and warranty card with your serial number of the watch. Yes, each watch has its own serial number, you don’t see that in microbrands that much.

The case os the Aiverc watch is made of 316L stainless steel. The machine work on the case seems to be good. Although I don’t like how light the watch feels, it’s just me as I like when I can feel the watch on my wrist. Of course of it being lighter there are many pluses to that like daily wearer it is perfect as you practically don’t notice it on the wrist. The case size is 40mm, the thickness is 8mm and from lug to lug it measures at 46,5mm. The proportions, in my opinion, are perfect as it makes a perfect daily beater/office watch. The case is plated in rose gold colour. The case plating is done very well and seems like it won’t rub off easily after a couple of years use, just be careful to not scratch it as the stainless steel colour will be showing through. The case is finished also in high polish throughout. At 3 o’clock we have a push/pull crown which is nicely signed with Aiverc logo. The crown is pretty easy to operate even if you have bigger hands. The solid case back is a screw in style and has the Aiverc logo laser etched on the back with some specifications. Also on the case back, you will find your unique number of the watch. On top of the dial sits a flat AR-coated sapphire crystal which is a nice addition to a fashion watch as most of them usually feature mineral crystals.

The dial is a 3D pressured dial which is a fancy way to say that the dial is 3D printed. It seems that it is coming also into watchmaking a lot as I see it more and more in microbrands and also in bigger luxury brands too. The dial of my watch is inspired by the Sydney Opera house which is pretty cool. And I can actually see some similarities with it. The dial has some depth and it is in this white/champagne colour. The applied hour markers are small buttons in the same rose gold colour as the case. At 3 o’clock we have the Aiverc logo which looks good in my opinion. The partially skeletonized syringe shaped hour and minute hands are in rose gold colour. I actually like this style of hands a lot. The round second’s hand is just stick shaped with a round skeletonized counterweight which matches the hour and minute hands.

Inside the Aiverc watch, we have a Japan-made quartz movement Miyota 2035. That is pretty a pretty reliable and basic quartz movement, nothing special as it is quartz. It will be precise, cheap as you just need to change the battery every 2-3 years.

Now we come to the part that is interesting and unique with the watch as I will reveal what’s inside that little box and why does it come with a leather hole punch. So inside the box, you have these three little charms and they go into the strap. So you basically punch a hole in the strap on top or bottom or maybe on both straps and you put in the charm. In my opinion, this is a cool thing for women as they can change the charms and my girlfriend also said that she likes it so she is wearing this watch. But as this is a men’s watch it is a bit girly for a guy I think to put in the charms, but that is just my thoughts. The strap itself is brown leather strap which is very supple and wears very comfy right out of the box. The underside is lined with this beige suede-like material, the underside is also signed with Aiverc logo. The tang style buckle in rose gold colour is pretty good as they went with an original design buckle which is also signed. Another great thing that I see more and more into these small watch brands is the quick release spring bars which are built into straps for easier strap change.

Overall the watch is decent. I wouldn’t personally buy it, but I understand why people buy them. I just like mechanical watches more, so I hope Aiverc is planning something with automatic movement in the future. The watch costs 235$ which is a good price for this watch as you get a cool 3D printed dial, sapphire crystal very good AR coating, nice leather strap, Japan made quartz movement and those charms are an interesting addition to the watch. If I had to choose between MVMT, DW or any other generic fashion watch, I think this is a better option!

Price: 235$ @






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