Kustom Mark I Watch (Review) – Modular watch?

Today we are gonna look at a very interesting watch idea that caught my eye from the first day I saw them just posting some designs. The company is called Kustom and they are located in Italy. Their main idea was to make fully customizable watches, but also make them modular. What do I mean by that? Well, you can buy multiple, dials, bezels, straps, bracelets and just one case and each day wear a different style of watch, despite it being the same one!

They sell 3 different bezels (rose gold, gunmetal, steel), 3 colour cases (rose gold, gunmetal, steel), 3 different dial variations (the dial module is where the movement sits in) with black or white inside and also in the same 3 colour variations (rose gold, gunmetal, steel). There are also 3 strap options when it comes to materials (leather, fabric, steel). Right now the options are a bit limited, but they are working to add more bezels and dials and many more. This means that if you have bought this watch in the future, you can buy separate parts like bezel or case for just a very small sum in my opinion and you have a completely different watch! I just hope they will add also an automatic version. Before you move on reading I suggest you watch this video so you can understand how it all works!

So Kustom sent me a ton of stuff, I was actually expecting one of each one. But they sent me one case, two dials, two bezels and two strap options. The price for the bezel is 25€, for the case 40€, for the dial 110€ and for the strap options: leather 45€, fabric 25€, bracelet 90€. In my opinion, the prices are very reasonable for what you get! Everything came very neatly packaged, each in its own small box. I actually would suggest Kustom add a box or small pouch where you can store all the parts and the watch so you can take them with you if you travel or just transporting the watch and don’t want to use the boxes. Anycase I’m very impressed by the quality of everything, at first it was hard to understand how it goes all together without instructions as I have no papers with the modules (I hope they ship out the watches with instructions to customers).

As this is an unusual watch I will talk about each module separately. So the case they sent me is the clean stainless steel one. The case is very well manufactured, it has very sharp lines and everything looks very nice. The case has a brushed overall finishing which is really well done! The diameter is 41mm, the case length is 48mm and the lug width is 20mm. The thickness is 5mm, but when the watch is assembled the thickness is 9,5 mm.

I had sent in two dials, a black and white one. This module includes the dial and movement in one, kind of like the middle case. It has the all necessary groves for everything to go together. At 3 o’clock we have a push-pull crown which is signed with the “K” of Kustom and looks really good! The solid case back is held on with 6 small screws and it is partially polished. On the case back you will see the Kustom logo with writings where it is designed and assembled. I actually notice they say on the back that everything is assembled in China, and I like that, I like that companies aren’t afraid and understand that China makes really amazing stuff for a fraction of a similar Swiss product would cost. The dials itself are really stunning, I like the designs a lot. Both of the dials are the same, but the opposite colours black and white. I also quite like that they have no date windows, it just makes the design much cleaner. I won’t talk much into the dials as they speak by themselves. The only thing I would add is the lume, it sadly has none and I actually hoped it has as the dial design is very dive watch like and it suggests that it has lume.

Kustom sent me two bezels, one steel and the other gunmetal, but it more looks like a black one. The bezels are very simple, top is just plain brushed and the sides are grooved for grip to tighten the bezel as it holds the case and dial altogether. The sides of the bezels are polished. They also have some more options coming soon, you can actually follow them here on Instagram as they post all their news and updates there!

When it comes to strap options they sent me a black leather strap and the steel bracelet. The leather strap is just a regular black leather strap, it is super supple and very well made. It says on the back that it has genuine Italian leather. The strap is very comfortable as the leather is not also supple, but very soft to the touch. Tapers from 20mm at the lugs to 16mm at the buckle. The tang style buckle is brushed with polished sides and is signed with the Kustom logo. And also it has built-in quick release spring bars so to assemble or disassemble the watch you don’t need any tools. The bracelet is really cool! It is made in the Rolex president bracelet style. The end-links and links are solid. The bracelet is brushed with polished sides. The links are held on with push pins and it also has built-in quick release spring bars which are really cool!

Overall the idea of modular Kustom watch is really cool! Not only the idea is cool, but it is also very well executed and designed. Thus far my favourite is the white dial with plain steel bezel and that bracelet, it just looks really cool in my opinion. If you are looking for a watch that can suit almost any occasion and if you want to wear a new watch each day without spending a lot of money this is the watch you need! The modules don’t cost a lot, they are pretty affordable, mainly the most costly thing are the dials. For example, my set costs 445 euros and I can make 8 different watches with it. I can get one more bezel and I could make 4 more different looks or get a case and make 8 more versions. Anycase I really liked the watch and have been enjoying it for some time now! I just wish they would make and automatic version!

More info: kustomwatches.com




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