Behrens Original Spaceship (Review) – Most exciting watch of 2020?

Today we have a really special watch in for a review. You probably remember I review the Behrens All-Round watch an that was one really amazing watch! Well Behrens has one more thing and it is called Spaceship and it took the Kickstarter by storm with 1600% funded! They also still have an active campaign on Indiegogo right now where they are already funded and it is still possible to order one for yourself! The most striking feature of the Spaceship watch is the entirely unique in-house movement, which tells the time in a completely different way than most mechanical timepieces, that make use of the typical hour and minute hands. I don’t know how exactly call this complication, as it isn’t really a wandering hours complication, but very similar!

Behrens Original is a group of watch enthusiasts gather and create a brand that is based in Hong Kong. They are specialized in watchmaking and watch modification, in which they take pride in what they do. Their founder, B.Q.Jack, has more than 15 years in watchmaking – which they genuinely called him the watch factory master. With a group of designers and engineers, interesting ideas and developments come out every day and they have assured me that more amazing ideas and designs are coming out in the next years.

So the watch that I received is with blue dial and strap, they also have a black dial and aventurine dial (star sky). I think the most amazing looking one is the aventurine dial, but they weren’t ready at that moment and so they sent me the blue dial variant which is also very good looking! The watch arrived in a shipping box and not the retail box, kind of reminded me how Patek Philippe ships their watches. The watch of course will come with it’s own box, but as they sent me it just for review, they didn’t bother shipping the box. The first impressions were just wow. Probably my favourite thing is that they use the high domed crystal that sits so high that you can see the dial from the side of it! My watchmaker also said that first thing when I showed him the watch. It actually is quite rare to see high domed crystal on watches that aren’t dive watches, but in the 60s and 70s, they were on a lot of dress and classic watches. And of course, the thing that really was interesting is the module they put on top of the Miyota movement to get that complication. You can see all the gears and everything, for me as a watch geek that is really interesting to see!

The case of the Spaceship is made of 316L stainless steel. The machine work is done exceptionally all the lines and angles are sharp and finished to the smallest detail! The finishings on the watch are a mix of satin-brushed and high polish. I like how every edge on the lugs and case are polished. The case shape is round with separately made lugs that are attached to the case. The case diameter is 42mm, the thickness is 13mm (with crystal which is 5mm thick by itself), the lug to lug distance is 51mm and the lug width is 20mm. I think they got the proportions right, some may argue that 40mm would be better, but in my opinion, the 42mm is just a perfect size for almost all wrists! At 3 o’clock we have a push-pull crown with a Behrens Original logo on top. The crown action is really good and very easy to grip it too. The exhibition case back is very well made, I especially like that the edge of the case back is polished, it gives a nice contrast. It is held on with 6 small screws. The crystal on the back is a flat sapphire crystal and around it, we have some specifications engraved on it. Also, I have to mention that it is a limited edition to 100 for each colourway, mine is 27! And on top of the watch sits a boxed/domed sapphire crystal which is whooping 4,5mm thick, you can actually see the dial from the side.

The dial itself is blue with a sunray effect. Around the dial, we have a minute track printed in white colour. At 01:15 we have a round date window with a black date wheel. At 12 o’clock we have a Behrens Original logo. In the middle, we have a very small seconds hand with a red tip. One of the rotating disks shows hours and the other shows minutes, the whole contraption rotates around and each disk rotates together. You read the hours and minutes by the red markings under each disk. The dial isn’t particularly very easy to read at first, but after some time you can get used to it and reading time is very easy. The dial actually with that module on top looks really amazing, the watch looks like it costs much more than it really is worth!

Powering the Behrens Spaceship is the Miyota 9015 automatic movement, which is well-known for its reliability and stability. This Japan movement functions with a frequency of 4Hz (28,800 A/h), 26 jewels, 40-hour power reserve, automatic winding and hacking second’s. I know that Miyota movements usually are associated with affordable watches, but the 9000 series movements are really good, my watchmakers who daily are servicing Pateks, Audemars Piguet, Parmigiani, Breguet etc. said that these movements are far better than Sellita movements and they compare it usually to the ETA quality. The Miyota 9100 movement that is inside this watch is basically reworked and refinished and has added a module on top so it is basically an in-house movement. And I must say the finishing is really well done, we looked under the microscope from the back and front of the watch with my watchmakers and the geneva lines on the backplate of the movement is done even better than on some eta movements. The module is made really well, my watchmaker looked closer at the movement and said that they have done really amazing work and they are proud to see that there are smaller companies making these complications for much more affordable price and even better quality than some brands that have watches in five figures.

The only let down for this watch is maybe the alligator print dark blue leather strap. Don’t get me wrong the strap is somewhat good, but I just don’t like the alligator print, either put the watch on a real alligator strap or put it on a regular leather strap. Anycase the leather is pretty stiff, it will need some break-in period to be more comfortable on your wrist. The underside has this beige soft material and it is signed with Behrens logo and it also says it is an Italian Calf. The tang style buckle isn’t anything special, it is signed with Behrens logo and works like a regular tang style buckle needs. The one thing I love though is the quick release spring bars which make the strap change a very fast job as it takes less than a minute to change straps without the use of any tools and risk of scratching your watch.

Overall I think this is the best watch I have reviewed this year, I think they nailed the design, finishing, quality and everything and the Crowdfunding campaign success I think proves it! Yes, the price isn’t a cheap one at 1064euro (at Indiegogo) and 1770euro (at retail), but you have to remember that it has in-house movement, the finishing and quality is at the level of some timepieces that cost five or even six figures. The watch is really something an if you appreciate interesting watches and the craftsmanship, I highly suggest you get one! The watch is really amazing!

Price: 1064euro (at indiegogo) and 1770euro (at retail)  


  • Case diameter: 42mm
  • Dial: Blue Sunray-brushed dial
  • In-house time-telling mechanism
  • Date indicator
  • Sapphire crystal hour disc
  • Sapphire crystal minute disc
  • Stainless steel case (316L)
  • Dome shape sapphire crystal
  • Automatic mechanical movement MIYOTA 9015
  • Vibrations per hour: 4hz (28,800 A/h)
  • Power reserve: 40 Hours
  • Accuracy: +/-20 seconds/day
  • Sweep-second hand
  • 21mm Italian calf leather – Blue
  • Interchangeable functional catches
  • Water resistance: 50m (5atm)
  • Weight: ~96g

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