The All New Behrens Moonlight – Unique In-House Regulator Watch

I have reviewed a couple of watches from Behrens before, but now I want to introduce you to their newest model called Moonlight which is an In-House Regulator and it is live on Kickstarter now! This of course won’t be a review, I just wanted to share this amazing watch with you, but soon I will get my hands on one and do a proper full review, so stay tuned!

This one is really special, It really caught my eye when Behrens published it on their Instagram a couple of days ago. I chatted with them today and I actually thought to myself and I think this is the best, most innovative, original and creative microbrand company out there! Their main goal is to keep the roots of each watch the same (case, movement, highly domed sapphire), but change the module of complication and dial. Their main goal is to keep making and thinking of new modules to put on top of the amazing 9015 Miyota movement until they have tried every idea out there. And this Moonlight regulator is their latest model. The formula for this is the same as for others which is: affordable price + in-house regulator + moon indicator + day-night indicator + miyota9015 + sapphire crystal + premium watch case and it all adds up to a watch that looks, performs and feels like an Haute horology piece!

The most amazing thing about this one is the dial and the complication. I really love the Aventurine dial and the Moonphase disc that fully rotates in 31 days. Of course, I also love how symmetrical is the hours, minutes and seconds dials for the regulator and the small day/night indicator at 6 o’clock. The watch also comes with Mother of Pearl dial, but that version I think is best for ladies, but I think the best it looks with Aventurine dial and rose gold case, kind of reminds me the AP Code 11.59 Perpetual Calendar in rose gold.

Anycase I highly suggest you check this watch as the price is really good for something that is in-house, unique and rare from the best micro brand company in my opinion! And I highly suggest this brand as I showed the last two Behrens which I still have to my watchmakers who do full service on Breguet, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet’s, F.P. Journe, A.Lange&Sohne and many other high-end watches and they were amazed that such small brand can make watches of this calibre for such affordable prices! They also said a lot of good words about how the exceptionally well the watch is built and finished!


One thought on “The All New Behrens Moonlight – Unique In-House Regulator Watch

  1. A beautiful watch indeed, if you ever think of selling your moonlight watch please dont hesitate to contact me.
    Im a big fan of behrens and especially this watch and ive been trying to get my hand on a clean model but it seems im in a shortage of luck.


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