Loresum LS01 (Review) – Coolest release in 2021?

Today in for a review we have a watch from a brand new company! The man behind the brand is Jason Chan, the head designer and founder of Loresum is particularly experienced in all aspects of watch design. He specializes in the watchmaking process along with the development and design of unique time-telling systems. In December 2017, Chan’s very first brand JW Watch made its debut. Through his efforts the company grew, firmly establishing its place in the watchmaking industry. His iconic models JW-01 and JW-02 are still out of stock to this day which is quite sad because that watch was really cool and interesting. Following this endeavour, he joined the Behrens Original team as a designer for several of their watches. Learning from a mature development team, Jason further expanded his knowledge of watch mechanics and in particular his experience working with high-quality modules.

The Loresum I think will be a close competitor to Behrens, Xeric and many other interesting complications watches. And in my opinion Jason with his long experience in watches and designing them has a very good chance to get close to those companies or even be better! Anycase I was very excited to heck out the Loresum LS01! And so I comtacted Mr. Chan and he sent me a sample. Before we start the review I must remind that this is a prototype and some things might be different and better like the strap and buckle. Also this watch has been out to other reviewers so there will be some scratches.

The case of the Loresum is made of 316L stainless steel and is very nicely made. The case features a polished bezel, edges of the lugs, crown and case back, the other parts are satin brushed. Finishing is really well done and I would say that it can compete with some big players. I really like the bevelled edges, it just makes the case pop more. The case itself is pretty large at 42mm in diameter, 12,5mm in thickness, from lug tip to lug tip it measures at 51mm and the lug width is 22mm. While the LS01 is as big as the Behrens Spaceship which I have, somehow the LS01 looks bigger, but that is due to that bezel and not so domed crystal. The Behrens wears a bit smaller due to the small bezel and super domed crystal. But it doesn’t wear that bad, it is pretty comfortable and the short lugs help a bit too. At 3 o’clock we have a push-pull crown. The crown on the review sample is unsigned – the crown will be changed in the production models as I’ve read on other reviews and I sure hope it will have something engraved or laser etched on top of it. On the case back we have an exhibition case back with a flat sapphire crystal and around it we have the company logo, name of the watch and some specifications and serial number. On top of the watch sits a domed sapphire crystal which really makes the dial pop. The water resistance of this piece will be 50m (5ATM) which is ok for rain, handwash etc. but no swmming with this one!

The Loresum LS01 dial is excellent! It has multiple layers of polished metal and sapphire discs in place of hour and minute hands. Through the sapphire discs, you can see the modifications the Loresum has made to the Miyota movement to allow this innovative time-telling approach. The date wheel is also partially visible through gaps in the dial and has a date window at 6 o’clock which is really cool cause everything is symmetrical! The dial actually looks like a dial for a watch that costs 5-6 figures and this is why I love microbrands. They get to play with all these complications and cool designs for just a portion of the cost of a luxury brand watch with the same complications. A single, sweeping second hand rotates around the dial, and you read the time via the little dots at what would normally be the 3 and 9 o’clock markers. It is a neat idea, but you got to get used to it. Oh and I almost forgot about the showstopper, the lume! It is super cool with all these lines and everything, definitely my favourite lume shot ever!

The movement inside is the Miyota 9015 automatic movement, which is well-known for its reliability and stability. This Japan movement functions with a frequency of 4Hz (28,800 A/h), 26 jewels, 40-hour power reserve, automatic winding and hacking second’s. I know that Miyota movements usually are associated with affordable watches, but the 9000 series movements are really good, my watchmakers who daily are servicing Pateks, Audemars Piguet, Parmigiani, Breguet etc. said that these movements are far better than Sellita movements and they compare it usually to the ETA quality. The Miyota 9015 movement that is inside this watch looks like it is reworked and refinished and has added a module on top so it is basically an in-house movement. And I must say the finishing is really well done, we looked under the microscope from the back and front of the watch with my watchmakers and the geneva lines on the backplate of the movement is done even better than on some Sellita movements. The module is made really well, my watchmaker looked closer at the movement and said that they have done really amazing work and they are proud to see that there are smaller companies making these complications for much more affordable price and even better quality than some brands that have watches in five figures. This prototype watch had accuracy of +5 to +6 seconds a day which is pretty good for a prototype and you can actually get to run these movements under COSC specifications easily!

Regarding the strap it will have a similar strap to this one, but a little bit refined and the same goes for the buckle. As far as I can see on their Kickstarter campaign they will offer a variety of straps with crocodile pattern, horween leather and for the Vegan watch fans there will also be a canvas strap option. For the buckle I hope they will laser etch the Loresum logo on it.

Overall I really like this watch. I love when small companies make these complications that are usually found on watches that cost 5-6 figures for a fraction of the price. It just shows that you don’t always need spend big money to get something interesting and unique. The wacth despite beeing a prototype is really well made! The price as far as I understand is 6800HK$ to 7200HK$ on Kickstarter which is roughly 875$ to 926$ USD. In my opinion considering the price and that the watch features a custom in-house module, reliable Miyota 9000 series movement andgreat finishing you get a lot for that price and I think it is quite reasonable as if this watch was made by any of the luxury brands it would’ve costed 5 to 20 times more depending on the brand.



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