Newgate Watches The Blip (Short Review)

Today we are taking look at Newgate watches model “The Blip”. As they claim on website it’s a watch designer with a fusion of retro and contemporary style in a shallow vintage stainless steel finish case. And I kind if agree to that statement.

The case is stainless steel. But it has interesting finish what they call “vintage stainless steel finish”, what does it mean? Well it means that the steel looks worn, there are no dings, but it has small scratch pattern, so it looks old, well you could call a fake patina. I kind if don’t like fake patinas on watchcases, but this one isn’t overdone and looks allright.

The face is kind of futurictic, but with vintage colors. The dial with hands looks like something that belongs in Apple watch face designs. But it looks good. It’s easy to read and everything is super crispy. The crystal is convex lens. Convex lenses are thicker at the middle. Rays of light that pass through the lens are brought closer together (they converge). Basically it’s a magnifying glass.


I picked this watch because of the strap. And strap is very nice. I like how the red lining contrasts with that creamy suede. It really gives this watch a vintage feel.The movement I guess is Japan, but I couldn’t find any information on that and I don’t want to open this watch as I don’t want to scratch or damage the watch.

Overall it’s a great nifty piece. I place this watch somewhere in the middle between real watches and fashion watches. The price could be a bit lower, as I always can buy a new or vintage seiko for this money which will be better in all ways and will have mechanical or automatic movement.Of course if you want something different, than choose this. They have many other interesting designs too and it is a really interesting company which I hope will come up with many other great ideas.

Price: £145.00 @

  • Stainless steel slim case with convex lens
  • 40mm dia x 9.6mm deep, vintage stainless steel finish
  • Reverse marker dial with sub dial
  • Suede strap with red leather lining
  • Case water resistant to 3ATM / 30 meters (not recommended to get strap wet)
  • Unisex

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