Slow Watches SLOW O 02 (Review)

I kind of wanted to write a review about this watch for more than a year but never seemed to find the time and here we are, a year later I finally reviewed this piece. So today we will be looking at Slow Watches SLOW O 02. The Slow watch company are making high-quality 24h watches for quite affordable prices. I saw the worn&wound review of one of they’re first watches and was completely in love with the watches.
”Slow is not a speed. It’s a mindset that most of us somehow lost. Let’s make time to bring slow back into our life. Be slow”

Corvin Lask on the left, and Chris Noerskau, co-founders of Slow watches. The two set up the company partly as a way to take control of their own time after busy corporate careers. Swiss-made Slow Watches with its Slow Mo, Slow Jo and Slow O models is not the first brand producing a 24 hour one hand watch. The Botta Uno, for example, has been on the market for decades, which I reviewed a year or two ago here on my blog. Same is valid for Meistersinger’s one hand watches. The Slow Watches take the same idea but went in a different direction with it, combining a 24-hour face with its own twist on existing idea. No minute hand, no ticking second hand and no logo either to distract the wearer’s view.

So today we are looking at the O series watch. The watch arrived in this nice box. The presentation is on point, it is simple, almost no branding, just as the watch. The first impressions of the watch were good. I liked the pebble shape and that you can’t see any branding. I like when brands make a horology piece simple and sleek. The lines that go from the side back to the case back are so clean. I really like that!

The case is pebble shaped. Slow Watches team was looking for a meaningful case shape for quite some time. The new kid on the block came into existence whilst taking a walk on the beach, picking up some stones and skipping them across the water. Realising how amazing the stones felt from being carved by the water over millions of years the decision was made to create a watch case that is as rounded as the stones formed by mother nature. And indeed the case looks fantastic and is very comfortable to wear. The fact that the case is flat and the whole watch is a lightweight adds to the comfort of wearing the Slow O. The case is made from stainless steel and is with a satin brushed finish. The finishing is really nice, but the scratches will be very visible on the case, because of the satin finish. The case width is 42,5mm, length is 43mm, thickness is 11,45mm with the domed crystal. Lug to lug is 22mm. The crown is easy to operate and is engraved with the Slow Watch logo on its top.

The dial is minimal, but there is something interesting about it, that you can look at it for minutes. The dial is black with this pattern. The hour markers are applied in brushed steel. The font on the markers is very nice. Not many companies choose good fonts like this one. The great thing is that the 24-hour dial allows you to see the entire day in one view. This obviously has some influence on how you look at your watch and the course of your day. As you already noticed the is only one hand. It is as long as it has to be and tapers to a very sharp pointer. Thanks to the tapered pointer, the hand is long enough to reach well into the chapters.

How to read the Slow watch? That’s quite simple, the only thing you need to know and remember is that every index shows a 15 minutes time bracket as shown in the following pics:

At first, it would seem strange and quite difficult to read it, but after some time it will be easy. As you know you won’t be able to get precise time. This watch isn’t meant for people who work at the office. It is purely laidback/vacation watch when you just don’t look at watch or phone to see the time. On top of the dial sits hardened K1 mineral crystal which is nicely dome to continue the pebble shape of the case.

The watch has a Swiss Made Ronda Caliber 505.24h GMT quartz movement that usually got four hands plus date indication. Every reviewer who reviewed this watch, choose it on the strap, but I decided to go for the bracelet option to match the stainless steel case with black dial. To me, the watch looks better on the bracelet. I owned it for more than a year and never took it off the bracelet, just like mine Seiko Orange Monster, these are watches that never will go off the bracelets. The bracelet is really good, although it is a hair puller, it looks and performs well. The “buckle” is hidden under the bracelet so all around it looks like continuous bracelet.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Overall it is a really interesting piece. I own it already for 1 year and it really makes a good weekend watch. I liked the minimalistic pebble shape and that it had almost no branding, so you kind of make it your own. If I had to choose, I would save more and buy myself a MeisterSinger, but if you want something cool, good looking to step into 24-hour watch world, then this is for you!

Price: 320$ @ 




Stainless Steel




10 ATM/100 metres


42.5 mm


43 mm


9.80 mm


11.45 mm


Extra hardened K1 mineral glass


34.00 mm






Solid stainless steel




22 – 20 mm


min. 135 mm – max. 200 mm


Stainless Steel




Ronda 505.24 Swiss Made




Renata 371 1.55v Silver Oxide (exchange in every watch shop)


45 months


125 g



5 thoughts on “Slow Watches SLOW O 02 (Review)

  1. I ordered what on their website says to be the small watch. Nowhere does it say this watch is made for a woman; probably so as to not be gender specific but this watch is so small it didn’t fit my wrist. So I returned it exactly as they asked me to and in the same exact condition it was in when it arrived at my house.

    A week and a half goes by and I ask them where is my refund, their website says “Put slow Jo back in the original product box, place it in the shipping box and send it back to us. We refund the money. Easy hah!? 🙂” see here

    It also says free shipping and returns…which is a lie…they sent me a return label but I had to pay the postage to actually have it returned….

    In any case after this week and a half when I asked where is my refund they finally email me back and tell me the watch arrived as “damaged by customer” which is a total lie. I took it out of the box, tried it on, it did not fit, I put it back in the box and shipped it back. It was in no way damaged by me but they now are telling me they will not refund my $ nor will they even give me back the watch I have paid for….

    Total thieves…I have disputed the charge with my credit card company as they now won’t even respond to my emails…I’ve asked for my refund or my watch back and they just ignore me….

    If you’re happy with your watch you’re probably ok but if you dislike it for any reason I would suggest you do not return it…you’ll lose the watch you do not like along with your $…


    1. I understand, you had a bad experience, I suggest you always photograph the watch before shipping it away, so if it gets damaged while in transit, you have proof it was ok before you shipped it.


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