Lane by Post / Soriano 1951, Hand-pulled screen print

Usually, we talk here about watches or EDC stuff. But this time we will talk about wall art for your home/office. In the future, I hope to get my hands on many other home design items. As I want to make this blog, not into more of watches only, but also targeted to interesting and beautiful stuff not only for your wrists but also for your home too. Of course, the watches will stay here as the main point, but time to time I want to make other posts too.

So today we are looking at Soriano 1951, Hand-pulled screen print which is made by “Lane by Post“. The Lane by Post was founded by the graphic designers, Joff Casciani and Ollie Wood. The two designers originally joined forces over a decade ago to start a design agency, which is still running today. Following this Joff and Ollie launched Lane By Post, a range of homewares for people who love graphic design. As I was and now I’m a part-time graphic designer I quite like the stuff they make. Especially the wall art. That’s why I picked this one. The company is based in the UK, Nottingham.


The Soriano 1951 is inspired by the Italian town of Soriano Nel Cimino in Italy, it’s where the Creative Director Joff father is from. The paper comes from GF Smith, made by James Cropper, one of the oldest and last remaining speciality paper makers, based in the Lake District. The frame is also really good, it is rigid and won’t break even if it fall from the wall. The price for “Soriano 1951” was 80 pounds and I think that is quite reasonable, you get a handmade print with paper from paper makers that have been making paper for ages. Basically, you get a design item that has some history behind it. The dimensions are 700mm x 500mm, basically, it is an A2 size.


More interesting design you can find on their website, there were many I liked and I think soon I will pick them up. I really am a vintage guy, so I like when they use these faded/pastel/vintage colours on prints or any design object. It attracts me more than something with rich flashy colour and new looking. Here are few of them:



Price: 80£ @


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