Haglund Strap Co. Nato straps (Review)

Before we start the review I want to say that this month and next month will have many strap review coming, as I got in contact with many strap makers. I will have many different straps in price ranges from 15$ to 150$.

So today we are gonna take a look at Haglund Strap Co. Nato straps. They are based in the UK and they are making quality g10 Nato straps. They are relatively new to strap making. And their main goal as I was told was to make quality Nato straps for an affordable price. They also will soon release their high-end Nato straps which as I was said will be on the same level with the Omega Nato straps. Can’t wait for that!

They sent me 6 straps. overall they have only 7 straps to select from. But that is plenty enough to find the right one for your watch. Of course, I would suggest them adding more colours (yellow, baby blue or in general something eye-popping/bright). As soon as I got the straps I saw that the feel and pattern was a bit rougher than my other Nato’s I have (WCWC and CheapestNatoStraps). I kind of like it and dislike it. I like how it looks, but it is a bit too rough to the feel. It almost feels like it will scratch my watch. But as I tested it didn’t do any scratches on my watches.

The straps have a basic Nato hardware. I like that the buckle has drilled holes for the spring bars, I have had many Natos without drilled holes and it is a pain in the ass to change the buckle. The buckle and 2 of the loops are signed with Haglund logo. The quality of the stitching is very good. The end of the strap is a bit sharper than regular Nato have. Usually, we get a round end, but this is more arrow like. I like how it looks, I prefer this more than the round end. The ends aren’t glued, but it seems that they won’t thread after time.

The strap on the hand feel’s good, but as I said the material is a bit rough. The length is 283mm so it will fit wrists measuring anywhere from 16.5cm to 25cm. All the straps come in 20mm, 22mm and 24mm sizes, so you will be able to fit them on almost any modern watch. Price for one strap is about €15 or £12.90. But you can also get 3 straps for about €34 or £29.90 which is a great deal.

Overall I like the straps. But there are some improvements to be made like: more colour options and more softer materials. The price is great too. If the high-end straps that they will release later this year will have a softer material and the price won’t be over €30 for one strap, then it will be a great deal.

Price: £12.90 to £29.90 @ haglunds.co.uk

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