Tropic Rubber straps (Review)

I have made a ton of posts here and on my Instagram about straps from And honestly, they are the best ones in the business when it comes to the variety of straps and the very low pricing! They sell everything from different kinds of natos, zulus, leather straps in all imaginable specifications and sizes, rubber straps, they basically have everything you could come up with! I wasn’t getting anything for some time from them, they usually send me a couple of straps for me to try and for a year I haven’t received anything, just the moment when I wanted to order something from them, they wrote me again asking if I would like to check out some straps. And of course, I said yes! I chose their tropic straps as I have been looking at them for the last year since they came out with them, right now they have more colours and options.

I chose 5 straps. I won’t specify all the exact models as you can find them all on their website. If you can’t find them on the website at the moment, just wait for a little as they restock from time to time! They all came pretty well packaged in a small packet. The first impressions were great, they felt super soft and supple. I wasn’t actually expecting them to be so good as they sell very cheap straps, thus the quality isn’t usually the best, but these ones are superb! They look like they will last a very long time!

The orange and baby blue coloured tropic straps were actually the first ones that caught my eye. I remember I first saw them on eBay on a couple of vintage divers from Bulova and other cool 70s pieces. And when I tries to search h internet where to get them, I found only some new old stock or the ones made by Italian strap maker, but hey were 40$ and I wouldn’t be spending that much on a rubber strap that will go on a 70$ watch and then I kind of forgot about that idea. But 2 years in the future I saw that came out with a ton of colour variations with the exact strap style with rectangular cutouts and hat leather texture on it. Each of these straps just cost 15,95$ which is a bargain! I’ve put them on my Vostok Amphibia and on the Spinnaker Dumas and I think they both fit the style of the watches. On the wrist, they are super comfortable, as it is summer and I wear my dive watches more, these straps help my wrist breath.

Then we have a black TPU tropic strap. This is the 2.0 version of their best selling tropic rubber strap. This one is a bit stiffer than all the other and it needed the hot water treatment to wear in faster and so it feels more comfortable on the wrist. I’ve put it on my WMT Sea Diver which I think fits the strap very well! It has these sharp teeth on the sides and small perforated square holes all around the strap. It has a very nice taper and the underside has this waffle pattern which also is a nod to the old ones.

The other black tropic rubber strap and the green/blue strap is basically the same with some small differences. They both are from rubber and are super soft and supple. They have that high-end strap feel! The black strap has the same shark teeth on the edges of the strap with big rectangular holes and smaller round holes, and the green/blue strap has round holes with some smaller ones too and it has one keeper instead of two like the black one has. They both feature this subtle waffle texture on top. I’ve put the black one on the Wancher Storm Jet chronograph and the green/blue on the new Obris Morgan Sea Star which will have its review in a week! The straps feel super comfy on my wrist, especially in the summer as it is pretty hot right now. I also swimmed with all of these straps and they all performed very well, just rinsed them under tap water and they are like new after seawater.

Overall these are pretty good straps and the value is insane as they are really cheap and well made. These are also maybe one of the comfortable aftermarket straps I have had and they have been on these all the watches probably the longest time. I usually tend to change straps a lot on my watches, but these have stayed on them for the longest time so far as they fit, look and perform amazingly! not only sells these straps, but a ton of other ones too. I have tried a couple of them and bought a couple of them too. The other amazing ones are probably the suede leather straps, natos, leather natos and they also have pretty cheap and rugged zulu’s that I have tested in pretty rough conditions through mud, sand and water and they performed well! So go check them out, an did I mention that they offer free shipping if you spend only more than 25$ plus they give you 20% off when you buy more than 5 straps so you can really change up the looks of your watch really cheaply.


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