Spinnaker Dumas – Banana Yellow!

Today we are gonna look at a new version of Dumas from Spinnaker. I won’t write the same review again as I already reviewed the first version and the new ones basically look the same. So you can read a full review of the Dumas here: kaminskyblog.com/spinnaker-dumas-review

I still own the Dumas with blue dial and orange minute hand. I just think that so far that is the best watch from Spinnaker! It is unique, has some hints of design from Omega Ploprof and it looks so good! I still enjoy that watch and I think it stays in my collection at least for the time till I get a Ploprof, and that will probably be after many years, haha!

So back to the new yellow dial Dumas. Basically, Spinnaker restocked the Dumas collection and added two new dials, a yellow one and a white one, the old blue and black dials remain unchanged. The white one is a bit strange to me, I would’ve left the orange minute hand there, but they changed it for a red one and I would make the bezel insert white, not blue, it would look pretty cool in my opinion that way! But the yellow one catches my eye, it is one of my favourite colours and I can’t find so many yellow dial watches, and if I find one, they are sold out. Also, the new update now includes the mesh bracelet on all of them, previously those were available only when the first Dumas dropped if you preordered one. All the dial versions will cost 400$ each and you now can sign up for one on their website!




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